About Us

About the Foundation


Children’s Centre Foundation Thunder Bay was established in 2004 as a registered charity, with the purpose of funding mental health education and prevention initiatives. Since then, the Foundation has evolved and now includes funding for developmental services as well as behavioural programs available through Children's Centre Thunder Bay.

Children’s Centre Foundation works closely with Children’s Centre Thunder Bay to support programs and services that:

  • Improve child and youth mental health

  • Address children's developmental, social, and behavioural needs

  • Strengthen the family's capacity to parent children and

  • Build the community's capacity to support children, youth and families



What we do


Children's Centre Foundation supports numerous initiatives in the community, including preventative programs, awareness campaigns, and health education for care givers. These initiatives ensure resources are available for *families when and where they are needed the most.

Through the last 19 years, our partnerships with organizations, businesses, and individuals we engage, educate and enrich have helped increased our community’s capacity to support one another.



The Pillars - Strengthening the Foundation


  • Engage - Be leaders in the community by advocating for essential children's health services provided by Children's Centre Thunder Bay.

  • Enrich - Financially support developmental, behavioural and mental health programs that improve the quality of life for children and families ensuring that we meet the needs of community members.

  • Educate - Educate the community in awareness campaigns and initiatives that benefit children and families thereby removing barriers which prevents access to supports they require.